A single multi-Carrier, multi-Distributor platform that provides access & insights into your book of business

Access to in force data from multiple Carriers
Access to insights about your Policy Owners
Single view of your Policy Owner
Admin Access (on-behalf-of)
Technology Hub into Carrier & Distributor apps & tools
Document sharing
Targeted content sharing
Direct messaging, broadcasts, group chat, e-mail & SMS

Agent Programs


Carrier Profiles

  • Access to the Carrier profiles including services offered, marketing material, product information, support services & Carrier websites


Policy Owner Profiles & Policies

  • Profiles for each Policy Owner

  • Policy information (in force data from multiple Carriers) & documents


Search & Filter

  • Search for Policy Owners, policies & products

  • Segment policies & Policy Owners by multiple attributes


Data Insights

  • Access to in force data insights including pending lapse, renewals & book of business statistics


Document Sharing

  • Document upload, storage & sharing

  • Targeted document sharing

  • Read receipts & reporting

A-Direct MSG.png

Direct Messaging

  • Direct (one-to-one) messages/chat with Carriers, Distributors & staff

  • Supports document attachments

  • Message read receipts


Broadcast Messaging

  • Broadcast (one-to-many) messages from Carriers & Distributors

  • Message read receipts

  • Supports document attachments


Group Chat

  • Group (many-to-many) messages/chat with Carriers, Distributors & staff

  • Message read receipts

  • Supports document attachments



  • In force policy notifications for Agents & Policy Owners



  • Policy Owner lists to support marketing & cross selling opportunities


3rd Party Access Grants

  • Agents can grant access to their book of business to 3rd parties including support & marketing staff as well as 3rd parties such as accountants

Office View

  • Support for Managing Principals & office views with access to multiple Agents

  • Access for office staff to support multiple Agents

Administrative Assistant Access

  • Administrative & other support staff have a single access to view multiple Agents & their book of business

Explore your Book of Business

  • Multiple views of your book of business

  • Filter views by multiple attributes


Data Extracts

  • Ability to extract your Policy Owner and policy data into a .csv

Sales & Service Opportunities

  • Filter in force policies to identify sales & service opportunities

  • Extract data into a .csv format

Activate Program

The ACTIVATE program provides you with access to in force data from multiple Carriers, the ability to view Policy Owners and policies and your current book of business as well as content, tools and features, from your Carrier and Distributor Partners.

In Force Policies

  • Agent's book of business
    (in force policies across multiple Carriers & Distributors)

  • Multiple views and filters to sort, segment & interpret in force data

Distributor Profile

  • Access to the Distributor profile including services offered, marketing material, product information, support services & Distributor websites

Creating new channels for digital engagement

Empowering partners with In Force data

Improving communications with target marketing

Digitizing relationships through technology hub