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In Force Annuities

Activate Program Features

The In Force Annuity Activate Program provides you with a single, multi-Carrier solution to access your in force book of annuity contracts. 
If you are a current NIC subscriber and use NIC to access your in force life insurance data, you will have access to a single view of your book including both life and annuity data for your firm, your downline firms, offices, Agents, and Policy or Contract Owners. 

Distributor In Force Annuity Contracts

  • Single, multi-Carrier view of annuity book of business for all participating Carriers

  • Filters to sort and segment your annuity contracts by multiple attributes

  • Annuity insights including sales & service opportunities

DA-Business profile.png

Firm, Office & Business Unit Profiles

  • Profiles for each business unit in your hierarchy, including firms and offices

  • Annuity books of business for each business unit

  • Annuity data insights, and sales & service opportunities for each business unit

Distributor-Agent Profile.png

Agent Profiles & In Force Annuity Contracts

  • Profiles for each Agent in the hierarchy

  • Book of business for each Agent in the hierarchy (in force annuity contracts from multiple Carriers)

  • Annuity insights for each Agent including sales & service opportunities

Distributor - Policy Owner Profile.png

Policy Owner Profiles & Annuity Contracts

  • A profile for each Annuitant

  • In force annuity contract information for each Annuitant

  • Contract notifications and documents

Distributor - search & filter.png

Search & Filter

  • Search for Agents, Annuitants, policies, contracts & products

  • Segment Annuitant & contracts by multiple attributes including product type, Carrier, geography and other contract attributes


Data Insights

  • Access to annuity contract insights including surrender charge expiration dates


Sales & Service Opportunities

  • Filter annuity contracts to identify sales & service opportunities

  • 'Single-mouse-click' to share sales & service opportunities with your downlines


Distributor Staff Access

  • Access for sales managers, case managers, marketing teams and support staff

  • Segment your hierarchy and provide staff with a restricted view of your book

  • Tools enabling your staff with easy access to data to do their job more effectively

Add-On Programs

The add-on programs can be purchased with the Activate Program or at a later date through the NIC Platform.