In Force Data Partners

Support your distribution partners by making it easy for them to access in-force data all in one place



Multi-Carrier view of their in force book



Multi-Carrier, multi-Distributor view of their in force book

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NIC In Force Data Partner Benefits

Increases Digital Engagement

  • Many Distributors and Agents do business with 10 or more Carriers and each Carrier has its own websites, tools and services

  • Adoption and usage can be a challenge as users need to remember multiple URLs, usernames, and passwords and navigate multiple different solutions

  • NIC acts as a gateway by linking the Distributor and Agent apps to the Carrier websites, tools, apps and services making it easy for them to locate your services

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Saves you money

  • Dealing with dozens or hundreds of Distributors makes it difficult and expensive for Carriers to share in force data

  • NIC receives a single, multi-Distributor feed from each Carrier, keeping your costs to a minimum while servicing hundreds of Distributors and their Agents


Ensures your data is secure

  • Data security is paramount but many Distributors do not have the resources and infrastructure to ensure your data is transferred and stored in line with your security and privacy policies 

  • Many Carriers are sending spreadsheets and sensitive data through email with limited tracking

  • NIC works directly with Carriers to ensure that your data transfer and storage security and privacy requirements are respected and provides Distributors with a single secure app to access your information

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Industry Awareness

  • All Carrier data partners are promoted through NIC’s Distributor and Agent Apps and in all NIC marketing, training and support materials

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More about NIC

Secure data transfer & storage

  • NIC works with Carriers to ensure all of their data security and privacy requirements are respected

  • Data is transferred and stored using Carrier approved standards

Direct feeds

  • NIC’s data feeds are direct from your back office or admin systems to NIC’s secure environment

Low cost

  • There is no cost to be a NIC data partner

Data integrity

  • All Carrier supplied data is locked down and cannot be edited by users, ensuring the information in your back office and administration systems is accurately reflected

Daily updates

  • Data feeds are updated daily ensuring your distribution partners have access to the most current information


How do I become an in force data partner?

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