The Engage Program subscription is comprised of monthly user subscription fees based on the number of active Agents in your Network. 

There are no Engage Program set up fees. 

Monthly Subscription Fees

No. of Active Agents

Monthly User Subscription Fee

Less than 100 Agents

Up to 250 Agents

Up to 500 Agents

Up to 1,000 Agents

Up to 5,000 Agents






  • Distributor selects one tier only based on the number of active Agents in their network.

  • No. of active Agents is calculated based on the number of Agents who have placed business in the last 12 months.

  • NIC will monitor the number of Active Agents, monthly users subscription fees will be adjusted as the number of Agents changes.

  • User subscription fees are monthly and may be cancelled at any time. 



  • Access to the NIC Distributor App Engage Program Features for Distributor users

  • Unlimited use of communications tool to communicate with all firms, offices and Agents in downline

  • All Activate Program Features


  • Annuity data feeds (see Annuity Data Feed pricing for details)​

  • Accelerate Program integrations

Subscriber Information

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Engage Program Subscription


Creating new channels for digital engagement

Empowering partners with In Force data

Improving communications with targeted marketing

Digitizing relationships through technology hub