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What is an API?

An API, or application programming interface, enables two disparate system to talk and share data and documents making it easy for a user to leverage the capabilities from two separate applications through a single app.

For example: NIC has an API that can be utilized by Salesforce so that a Salesforce CRM user can see their Lapse Pending Policies in Salesforce. Salesforce is connecting to NIC through an API. The API pushes lapse pending data into the Salesforce application making the information easily accessible for the Salesforce user.

Do I have to be a NIC Subsciber to access NIC API Gateway?

Yes, you have to be a NIC Platform subscriber to access the NIC API Gateway.

How much do NIC APIs cost?

The cost depends on the API. There is a monthly subscription fee associated with every API.

How much do NIC APIs cost?

There is a monthly subscription fee to access the API Gateway. There are also fees to utilize the individual APIs, the fees are based on the type of API and the volume of data that you are utilizing. Pricing details are available inside the NIC App.

Are APIs available for Carriers, Distributors and Agents

Yes, NICs API Gateway supports all types of users. Each API will only include data that each user is authorized to access.

What is required to implement NIC APIs?

  1. Subscribe to the API Gateway through your application access.
  2. Complete the Security Questionnaire. Once NIC receives the questionnaire it will be reviewed by NIC and we will be in touch with any questions and/or to provide you with a ‘key’ so that you can access the individual APIs stored within the Gateway.
  3. Select the API that you want to subscribe to and add the required subscription information
  4. NIC will send you a test API. The test API will contain information about the API format and sample data that you can use to populate your 3rd party application. Once you have successfully ingested the test API you can request a production API from NIC
  5. Go live!

Does NIC provide technical support for the API integrations?

Yes, the API Gateway subscription fee includes 2 hours of technical support and you can purchase additional support if required.

Will NIC work with our 3rd party vendors to integrate their APIs?

Yes, if you have a 3rd party technology partner (e.g Salesforce) simply connect NIC with your Salesforce contacts and NIC will work directly with them. Once you subscribe to the API Gateway you can connect NIC to your technology partner by selecting ‘Technology Partner’ and filling in the details. Note that all 3rd party vendors are required to meet minimum security requirements.

Are there any security requirements to use NIC APIs?

Yes, NIC houses in force data supplied from multiple Carriers and is committed to enforcing the same security and privacy standards with all API Gateway users. To learn more about the security requirements contact NIC at info@ins-connect.com or access the ‘Security Requirements’ link in the API Gateway.

Do the API contents change as NICs access to APIs expands?

Yes, NIC will continue to enhance the APIs with additional data attributes and you will be notified each time there is a change.

Can I access the annuity API if I have not subscribed for the Annuity Data Program?

No, you must be subscribed to the Annuity Data Program to access any annuity data APIs.

Can I access the life API if I have not subscribed for the Life Data Program?

No, you must be subscribed to the Life Data Program to access any life data APIs.