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In Force Life Insurance

& Annuity

Activate Program Features

The In Force Life Insurance & Annuity Activate Program provides you with access to in force life and annuity data from multiple Carriers and the ability to view your current Life and Annuity Book. 


Distributor In Force Life Policies & Annuity Contracts

  • Single, multi-Carrier view of your life and annuity book of business for all participating Carriers

  • Filters to sort and segment your life policies and annuity contracts by multiple attributes

  • Life and annuity insights, including sales & service opportunities

DA-Business profile.png

Firm, Office & Business Unit Profiles

  • Profiles for each business unit in your hierarchy, including firms and offices

  • Life and annuity books of business for each business unit

  • Life & annuity data insights, and sales & service opportunities for each business unit

Distributor-Agent Profile.png

Agent Profiles, In Force Life Policies & Annuity Contracts

  • Profiles for each Agent in the hierarchy

  • Book of business for each Agent in the hierarchy (in force life policies & annuity contracts from multiple Carriers)

  • Life and annuity insights for each Agent including sales & service opportunities

Distributor - Policy Owner Profile.png

Policy Owner Profiles & In Force Life Policies & Annuity Contracts

  • A profile for each Policy Owner & Annuitant

  • In force life policy and annuity contract information for each Policy Owner & Annuitant

  • Policy and contract notifications and documents

Distributor - search & filter.png

Search & Filter

  • Search for Agents, Policy Owners, Annuitants, policies, contracts & products

  • Segment Policy Owner & policies, Annuitant & contracts by multiple attributes including product type, Carrier, geography, and other policy attributes


Data Insights

  • Access to in force life and annuity data insights, including lapse pending, surrender charge expiration dates, renewals & book of business statistics

  • Explore book of business for conversion opportunities


Sales & Service Opportunities

  • Filter in force policies & contracts to identify sales & service opportunities

  • 'Single-mouse-click' to share sales & service opportunities with your downlines


Dormant Agents & Orphan Policies

  • Access to information about dormant Agents

  • Access orphan policies

  • Re-assign Agents & Policies to active business units

  • Tools to mine dormant Agents and their book


Distributor Staff Access

  • Access for sales managers, case managers, marketing teams and support staff

  • Segment your hierarchy and provide staff with a restricted view of your book

  • Tools enabling your staff with easy access to data to do their job more effectively


Distributor Ambassador

  • Provides a single Distributor user with the ability to communicate using direct messaging with all of their Agents on the NIC Platform

Distributor - Statis Content.png

Content Sharing with Agents (static content only)

  • Advertise conferences, webinars and product information to Agents and downlines

  • Promote Agent Websites, tools, services and programs to Agents and downlines

  • Links to apps and technology tools

resource center.png

Distributor Resource Center

  • Online help and a resources page for Distributor users

  • Online guides, training and tips on using the NIC Distributor App

  • NIC news & events

Distributor - hierarchy management.png

Management Tools

  • Manage your operating hierarchies, Agents & downlines

  • Communicate with all Agents through the platform (single user)

  • Explore multiple views of your book of business and your Agent network

  • Search, filter and create segments using multiple data attributes


Add-On Programs

The add-on programs can be purchased with the Activate Program or at a later date through the NIC Platform.