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Life & Annuity Data Program

New NIC Customers

If you are new to NIC and want access to the Life & Annuity Data Program, you must first purchase the Activate Program for Distributors.

Activate Program pricing is comprised of one-time set up fees and monthly subscription fees and can be purchased online or by contacting NIC Sales at

Activate Program Pricing

  1. One-time set up fee of $8,000 (single hierarchy) OR

  2. One-time set up fee of $9,500 ( 2 hierarchies life & annuity)

  3. Monthly subscription fee of $900 



  • Unlimited number of in force life and annuity feeds from participating Carriers

  • Access to the NIC Distributor App Activate Program Features for Distributor users (unlimited number of firms, offices and users as long as they are in the Distributor downline

Excludes: (unless subscribed for separately)


  • Access to the NIC Agent App Activate Program Features for Agent users and their support staff

  • Engage Program features

  • Accelerate Program integrations


Creating new channels for digital engagement

Empowering partners with In Force data

Improving communications with targeted marketing

Digitizing relationships through NIC's technology hub