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 In Force Data Steering Committee

The NIC In Force Data Steering Committee is an industry group advocating for access to high quality in force data from Life Carriers.  The committee is comprised of Life Insurance Distributor Executives and Influencers who have an affiliation with Insured Connect.  

Committee Objective

Create a common voice to advocate for high quality in force feeds. 

The committee's focus is: 

  1. Working with existing Insured Connect Carrier data partners to enhance existing in force data feeds with additional data attributes,

  2. Engaging new Carriers, who are not currently providing in force feeds, to secure an in force feed, and

  3. Engage Carriers regarding integration to their policy services tools and applications (e.g to try and automate in force illustrations).

For more information, contact Rick Hyde at

These Carrier partners are providing in force data feeds to support your business

And these Carriers are currently working on data feeds to support your business and we hope to

have them soon

Creating new channels for digital engagement

Empowering partners with In Force data

Improving communications with target marketing

Digitizing relationships through NIC's technology hub