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Welcome to


A single multi-Carrier platform that provides access & insights into your book of business

Access to in force data from multiple Carriers
Access to insights about your Policy Owners
Single view of your Policy Owner
Admin Access (on-behalf-of)
Direct messaging, broadcasts, group chat, e-mail & SMS
Targeted content sharing
Document sharing
Technology Hub into Carrier & Distributor apps & tools

 In Force data across multiple Carriers


For more information, contact 
John Davis, Jr.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost for me to get access to NIC Agent App?
    The NIC Advisor App is free for all Agents and their support staff but requires your Distributor partners to subscribe for the Distributor Activate Program.
  • Who can see my data?
    Only you, your admin staff and your BGA have access to your data.
  • What if I do business through multiple Distributors/BGAs?
    If you do business with multiple Distributors/BGAs and you are not seeing a complete picture of your book business because one of your Distributor/BGAs is not on NIC platform, all you have to do is introduce NIC to your Distributor/BGA and we will do the rest.
  • Can I invite my Support Staff?
    Yes you can! Please visit NIC Agent Resource Center to learn how to invite your support staff.

To learn more about NIC please visit us at

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