A single platform to connect with all your Distribution & Agent Partners 

Access insights about your Distributors, Agents & Policy Owners
Distributor & Agent segmentation
View your Distribution Partners & their book of business
Single view of the Agent & their book of business
Single  view of the Policy Owner
Direct messaging, broadcasts, group chat, e-mail & SMS
Targeted content sharing
Document sharing
Policy & data triggered notifications
Integration with website tools & apps

NIC Distributor Partners


NIC In Force Data Partner Benefits

Increases Digital Engagement

  • Many Distributors and Agents do business with 10 or more Carriers and each Carrier has its own websites, tools and services

  • Adoption and usage can be a challenge as users need to remember multiple URLs, usernames, and passwords and navigate multiple different solutions

  • NIC acts as a gateway by linking the Distributor and Agent apps to the Carrier websites, tools, apps and services making it easy for them to locate your services

Saves you money

  • Dealing with dozens or hundreds of Distributors makes it difficult and expensive for Carriers to share in force data

  • NIC receives a single, multi-Distributor feed from each Carrier, keeping your costs to a minimum while servicing hundreds of Distributors and their Agents

How do I become an in force data partner?


Ensures your data is secure

  • Data security is paramount but many Distributors do not have the resources and infrastructure to ensure your data is transferred and stored in line with your security and privacy policies 

  • Many Carriers are sending spreadsheets and sensitive data through email with limited tracking

  • NIC works directly with Carriers to ensure that your data transfer and storage security and privacy requirements are respected and provides Distributors with a single secure app to access your information

Industry Awareness

  • All Carrier data partners are promoted through NIC’s Distributor and Agent Apps and in all NIC marketing, training and support materials


Activate Program

The ACTIVATE program provides you with access to view your Agents, Policy Owners and current book of business

Distributor In Force Policies & Insights

  • Single, multi-Distributor view of your book of business

  • Distributor & Agent segmentation

  • Data insights

Agent Profiles & In Force Policies

  • Agent profiles & contact information

  • Agent's book of business

  • Data insights

Search & Filter

  • Search for Distributors, Agents, Policy Owners & policies

  • Segment Distributors, Agents, Policy Owners & policies by multiple attributes

Policy Owner Profiles & Policies

  • Profiles for each Policy Owner

  • In force policy details

  • Documents

Data Insights

  • Access to in force data insights including policy status and renewal

Carrier Content Sharing with Distributors & Agents (Static)

  • Advertise conferences, webinars and product information to Distributors and  Agents

  • Promote tools, services and programs too Distributors and Agents

  • Links to apps and technology tools

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Carriers are required to provide in force data feeds to participate in the Activate program

Engage Program

The ENGAGE program provides you with multiple solutions to communicate & share content with your Distributor partners

Content Sharing with Distributors & Agents (Dynamic)

  • Targeted marketing & promotional content

  • Product information, website links & support contacts

  • Tracking, reporting & statistics

Document Sharing

  • Secure storage and sharing of Policy Owner documents

  • Targeted document sharing with Distributors and Agents

  • Read receipts and reporting


Direct Messaging

  • Direct (one-to-one) in app messages/chat with Distributors & Agents

  • Full conversation history and message read receipts

  • Secure and auditable

  • Supports document attachments


Broadcast Messaging & Group Chat

  • One-to-many in app messages to Distributors and Agents

  • Many-to-many in app chats to support group conversations

  • Full conversation history and message read receipts

  • Secure and auditable

  • Supports document attachments



  • In app and email notifications to Distributors and Agents including:

    • policy event notifications

    • policy service notifications

    • shared lists notifications

    • new message notifications



  • Agent, Policy Owner, policy, product, & Distributor lists

  • Ability to export into .csv


Data Tools

  • Segment, sort and filter data by combining Distributor, Agent and Policy Owner profile information with in force policy data attributes

  • Create and save lists for communications, document sharing and data export

  • Export data into .csv with a single mouse click

Carriers are required to participate in the Activate program to subscribe to the Engage program

Accelerate Program

The ACCELERATE program provides you with APIs and integration tools to digitize and integrate the sales & fulfillment processes

Carrier Website Integration

  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) to your Agent website


Apps & Tools Integration

  • Integration with your tools, apps & services including illustrations, e-apps, as well as policy services


Development Services

  • Development services to support the NIC experience including prototyping, API development, SSO development, Agent Authentication & application development


Agent Portal Integration

  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) with your Agents & product portals


Data Services

  • Data services to support the NIC experience including data transformation, extraction, mapping, API development & ACORD formatting

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  • The Accelerate program requires Carriers to subscribe to both  the Activate & Engage programs

Carrier Agent Portal

The CARRIER AGENT PORTAL is a Carrier branded portal that provides all of your Distributors & Agents with access to your data, content & tools 

Carrier In Force Data

  • Access to your in force policy information

  • Policy Owner profiles


Carrier Communications

  • Direct messaging

  • Broadcast messaging

  • Group chat

  • E-mail

  • SMS 


Additional Custom & Configurable Components

  • Notifications

  • Agent hierarchies

  • Commission feeds

  • Pending policy feeds

  • Portal & App SSO

  • 3rd party access control


Data Insights

  • Sales & service opportunities

  • Agent, Policy Owner & policy search & segmentation



  • Upload, store & share all your documents with your Distributors, Agents & Policy Owners

  • Carrier content sharing and communications are facilitated though the NIC Carrier App
  • NIC offers multiple deployment options including i) stand alone, ii) integrated with Carrier websites or platforms,
    iii) accessible through NIC or iv) integrated with NIC so that Agents can access NIC through the Carrier Agent Portal