Organic Growth Platform

  • A single multi-Carrier, multi-Distributor platform that activates & facilitates engagement with Independent Agents & Policy Owners by providing access to in force information.

  • Integrates Carrier & Distributor in force and annuity data, content, websites, apps, tools & products making them easily accessible to Agents and their Clients.

  • Generates new sales opportunities from an existing in force book of business and automates the sales & marketing process.

We are here in the NIC of time with In Force data across multiple Carriers


Nathan Jacobson 
Executive Vice President, Simplicity Life

The tools & resources available through NIC offer a unique advantage to wholesalers & advisors, putting them in a position to see & filter their entire book of business, all at the click of a button. No more having to log-in to multiple carrier websites for policy information. From term conversion opportunities to identifying policies that are at risk of lapsing, NIC puts agents & wholesalers in a better position to service existing business and find growth within their book. It is the chosen policy management tool for Simplicity Group.

Martin Haile

Chief Marketing Officer, AIN

Over the past several decades, many life insurance companies have come and gone, but their policies and systems remain. Acquisitions, mergers and shifts in distribution combined with legacy systems have created an absolute mess to access timely in-force policy data. As a result, a platform has never successfully emerged where an advisor or distributor can access detailed information on their book of business across multiple carriers in real-time. For the first time, we have a legitimate solution on the horizon. As we sit here today, the NIC technology enables real-time data views across multiple insurance companies. They’re at the precipice of becoming a ubiquitous platform, and we’re excited to see what the future holds when distributors and advisors fully integrate NIC into their practices. Enthusiasm is very high.

James J. Bowman

Head of Distribution Strategy & Operations, John Hancock

NIC makes it easy for John Hancock to address agents and brokerage agencies requests for in force data. John Hancock is pleased to be a carrier partner supporting NIC

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