Distributor Engage Program

Engage Program

The ENGAGE Program provides you with multiple solutions to communicate & share content with your Agent partners

Content Sharing with Agents & Downlines (Dynamic)

  • Advertise conferences, webinars and product information to Agents and downlines

  • Promote Agent websites, tools, services and programs to Agents and downlines

  • Links to apps and technology tools

Distributor - Direct messaging.png

Direct Messaging with Agents (unlimited messages)

  • Direct (one-to-one) messages and chat with Agents & staff

  • Full conversation history and message read receipts

  • Secure and auditable

Distributor - Notifications.png


  • In app & email notifications to your staff and downline including:

    • policy event notifications​

    • sales opportunity notifications

    • shared lists notifications

    • new message notifications

    • Agent & office staff invite notifications


  • Policy Owner and policy segmentation based on individual data attributes

  • Agent and network segmentation based on profiles and book of business

Data Tools

  • Segment, sort and filter data by combining Agent and Policy Owner profile information with in force policy data attributes

  • Create and save lists for communications, document sharing and data export

  • Export data into .csv with a single mouse click

Document Sharing

  • Secure storage and sharing of Policy Owner documents

  • Share documents with firms, offices and Agents

  • One-to-one document sharing for private documents

  • One-to-many document sharing for industry, product and generic documents


Broadcast Messaging & Group Chat

  • One-to-many in app messages with Agents and lists of Agents

  • Many-to-many in app chats to support group conversations

  • Full conversation history and message read receipts

  • Message search

Distributor Lists.png


  • Agent, Policy Owner, policy, product, & Carrier lists

  • Lists of sale opportunities can be shared with Agents

  • Leverage lists for content sharing and communications

Creating new channels for digital engagement

Empowering partners with In Force data

Improving communications with targeted marketing

Digitizing relationships through technology hub