Welcome to the Engage Program

Engage Program Overview

The ENGAGE Program provides you with multiple solutions to communicate & share content with your Agent partners

Content Sharing (Dynamic)

  • Targeted marketing & promotional content

  • Product information, website links & support contacts

  • Tracking, reporting & statistics

Document Sharing

  • Document upload, storage & sharing

  • Targeted document sharing

  • Read receipts & reporting

Distributor - Direct messaging.png

E-mail Marketing

  • E-mail marketing with Hubspot

  • Custom e-mail templates

  • Tracking & reporting

Distributor- Email marketing.png


  • Agent, Policy Owner, policy, product, & Carrier lists

  • Ability to export into .csv

Distributor Lists.png


  • In force policy notifications for Agents & Policy Owners

Distributor - Notifications.png

Group Chat

  • Group (many-to-many) messages/chat with Agents

  • Message read receipts

  • Supports document attachments

Distributor - Group Chat.png

Broadcast Messaging

  • Broadcast (one-to-many) messages with Agents

  • Message read receipts

  • Supports document attachments

Direct Messaging

  • Direct (one-to-one) messages/chat with Agents & staff

  • Supports document attachments

  • Message read receipts