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Annuity Data Program

The ANNUITY DATA PROGRAM provides you with access to annuity contracts along with life in force data from multiple Carriers and the ability to view every element of your current Book of Business

Distributor Annuity Contracts

  • Single, multi-Carrier view of your entire book of business 

  • Policy Owner segmentation

  • Annuity insights

Office & Business Unit Profiles

  • Profiles for each business unit in the hierarchy including firms and offices

  • Book of business for each business unit

  • Annuity insights, sales & service opportunities for each business unit

Agent Profiles & Annuity Contracts

  • Profiles for each Agent in the hierarchy

  • Book of business for each Agent in the hierarchy (annuity contracts from multiple Carriers)

  • Annuity insights, sales & services opportunities for each Agent

Policy Owner Profiles & Annuity Contracts

  • Profiles for each Policy Owner

  • Annuity contracts from multiple Carriers

  • Policy notifications and documents

Search & Filter

  • Search for Agents, Policy Owners, annuities, policies & products

  • Segment Policy Owner, annuities and policies by multiple attributes including product type, Carrier, geography and other attributes


Data Insights

  • Access to annuity data insights including product, annual premium, number of active contracts, surrender value, income payments, etc.


  • In app & email notifications to your staff and downline including:

    • annuity contract event notifications​

    • shared lists notifications



  • Segment and save list of annuity contracts

  • List of annuity contracts can be shared with Agents

  • Leverage annuity lists for communication

Creating new channels for digital engagement

Empowering partners with In Force data

Improving communications with targeted marketing

Digitizing relationships through technology hub